Dutch Company Register

Are you interested in Dutch registry of a company?

We can help at the ‘so called’ Dutch trade register: Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch: Kamer van Koophandel). This Chamber of Commerce takes care of your Dutch business register. Of course we can help you to this. The most common way of a Dutch company register is the B.V. company, this needs to be done at a Notary. We provide these services for only € 1050,-

Dutch registry

There all many ways to start to do your Dutch trade register. Please let us know what your ideas in the Netherlands/Europe are and we can advise you best which kind of entity you can setup. It’s also possible to register your foreign company in the Dutch company register.

For the outer appearance you will have a company in the Netherlands, so that means you can do easily business in the Netherlands and Europe of course.

A Dutch trade register can be done by anybody from anywhere in the world. We can guarantee your company registration in the Netherlands and help you to start doing your business here.

Besides Dutch company register company we can offer other company formation services like.

Dutch business register services

– Opening of a B.V. company / register your company in the Netherlands (5-10 working days) € 1050,-

– Opening of a Dutch Company Bank account: € 695,-

– Obtaining of a social security number (the director will need this to open a company bank account): € 145,-

– Continuous personal assistance per year (the first year it includes the help with opening a bank account and the obtaining of social security number for the director): € 1.200,-

– Obtaining of a VAT number: € 295,-

If you would choose to have all above we can give you a total offer of the first year: € 3.450,-

Please contact us if you have questions about a Dutch registry.

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Set up your company in Holland within 5 working days?

Leave us a message if you'd like to have your company set up in the Netherlands