Doing business in the Netherlands

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Doing business in the Netherlands

As a country, the Netherlands acts as a logistics hub for Europe through the Rotterdam port and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.  It is possible to access 95 per cent of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours due to its outstanding infrastructure. This makes the Netherlands an ideal gateway for expanding your business. Next to that, the Netherlands features one of the most highly educated and multilingual workforces in Europe.

Setting up a business

Dependent on the form, certain steps must be taken to set up your company in the Netherlands. Read more on how we can help you with setting up your company in Holland.



The Netherlands, a nation of traders, has always been open and welcoming to foreign companies. As a result, the Dutch taxation system contains a lot of incentives that stimulate doing business. Also investment in the Netherlands and immigration of foreign employees is stimulated due to the dutch taxation.

Other advantages regarding taxation are:

  • Double taxation on international activities can usually be avoided as the Netherlands have a large tax treaty network.
  • The Netherlands has a very favorable tax treatment for companies that are foreign-owned. There are no withholding taxes on interest and royalties, and usually a full (to zero) or partial reduction of withholding taxes on dividend applies.
  • The innovation box, together with other R&D possibilities, provides for a highly attractive tax regime for those activities.
  • Expatriates with specific expertise may also benefit from a 30 per cent tax free allowance on Dutch wage tax.
More information

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Background information

For more detailed information, please read this article about doing business in the Netherlands.

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