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Register company in Netherlands

Register company in Netherlands

Searching for the right people to register your company in Netherlands?
You have just found the right company to help you start up. We from “set-up your Dutch company” provide all necessary help to people who want to register company in Netherlands. You don’t have to be afraid that you will miss any step, we are highly specialized in register companies in Netherlands.

Most common company register

One of the most common legal forms is the Dutch LLC, Besloten Vennootschap.
As per the new company law in the Netherlands, the Dutch BV formation may have one or more founders who can either be companies or be individuals. It even allows the company to have one shareholder, who is even eligible for being the manager. Above all, there is no requirement of minimum share capital. However, the founder of the company is required to deal out one share with a voting right, if you choose to register company in Netherlands.

Also, one of the most basic requirements for the BV Company formation Netherlands is to have a registered address in the country. Before we register companies in Netherlands, the articles of association and a deed of incorporation (in Dutch) must be drafted before a public notary. These documents contain complete information about the management board, the shareholders, the registered address, the authorized share capital, and a short detail of the business activities. All that’s needed to register companies in Netherlands. Have a look at our website or contact us for more information.

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