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Netherlands company register search

The Dutch company register is a register which is regulated by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

The first step to register a Dutch entity is to check the availability of your new Dutch company name in the Netherlands company register search function. We can assist you on this one and help you create a new name for your Dutch entity.

When you use the Netherlands, company register search function, the next items will shown:

  • Name of the Dutch entity
  • Registered address of the company
  • Correspondence details
  • Details about the company directors
  • Number of employees that works in the company

By the Dutch law, every entity have to deposit their yearly account information in the Trade Register, the Chamber of Commerce is required to register this information, so all the states of all companies in the Netherlands are up-to-date.

We can help you setting up your Dutch company at any time, the company can be formed within 5 working days.

When we proceed this process, we need the following documents for the Netherlands company register:

  • Details about all the shareholders (this information is only accessible for the authorities, not everyone can see this information)
  • The deed of incorporation
  • Details about the company’s managers and/or directors
  • Bank reference about the deposited share capital

If you choose to take our lucrative package deal for the first year, we will assist you on all above matters.
If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] or fill in the details on our contact page, we will always contact you within a day.

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