Netherlands business

Netherlands business

Are you looking for starting a business in the Netherlands?

Dike international can help you to start business in the Netherlands. We have helped lots of people to start a business in the Netherlands. The first step is to open a company. This can be done on distance.  lots of people prefer to have a Dutch Vat number and a Dutch company bank, so this company can do actual Netherlands business. Dike International can provide you all these services like:

  • Opening of the company (€ 950 on time fee)
  • Assistance with opening a Dutch company bank account
  • Obtaining a VAT number and EORI number
  • Accountancy services
  • Secretary services

As you can see we have all in-house to help you starting a business in the Netherlands. The opening of the Netherlands business can even be done on distance. So don’t hesitate and start business in Netherlands.

For doing business in the Netherlands it’s essential to have a high quality network, we have built this high network so we can provide you the best bank contacts notaries, accountants and tax specialists in Holland.

So if you want more information about a Netherlands business for you, please contact us. We can also give you a price offer for the services you need. We guarantee we can give you the best price in the Netherlands for your business in the Netherlands.

Set up your company in Holland within 5 working days?

Leave us a message if you'd like to have your company set up in the Netherlands

Our services

  • Personal driver available to pick you up from a designated place for a half day
  • Extra local substance (usefullfor the VAT registration)
  • Translation services
  • Assistance when abroad
  • Social Security number obtaining
  • Ensuring the paperwork of the company is sent on time
  • One sole contact person within the organization
  • No fines, everything will be sent on time to the Dutch government

We can assist you in making a branch registration of your company in the Netherlands. For this option please fill in our contact form for individual advice.

We can help you to set a business bank account for your Dutch company. For foreign owners of a Dutch company it can be more complex to open a company bank account. Set Up Your Dutch Company knows and has numerous  Bank contacts and solutions to assist in getting a bank account for your company within the Netherlands.

We can also obtain a Dutch VAT number for Dutch and foreign companies.
If you would like be able to issue invoices from your Dutch company, you will need an active VAT number. Set Up Your Dutch Company can assist you with this process, and it usually takes up to 1 to a maximum of 5 weeks to receive this number.

Set Up Your Dutch Company can also arrange an EORI number, in just one day after your VAT number is active.

With an EORI, your company can import from Europe and export to Europe. The EORI number is an unique identification number that companies are required to use when exchanging data with Customs from all EU Member States. Under this heading you will find information on subjects including how to apply for an EORI number and how to obtain the EORI number of others.

Our company can provide all the necessary requirements for a Dutch company. The services provided are:

  • Administration services
  • Annual filing of documents etc.
  • VAT services
  • Intra Community Transaction services
  • Tax services
  • Company income tax/Corporate Tax Forms

We can also assist with the basics of setting up your new business/ company by helping you with your business plan . This includes a marketing Plan and a Financial Plan.