Limited liability company Nederlands

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Limited liability company Nederlands

The Limited liability company Netherlands is called in the Netherlands a BV (besloten vennootschap), this is the most common type of legal forms in the Netherlands. (Netherlands limited liability company).

In Germany, the BV is similar to GmbH and in the U.S. they call it the American Limited liability company.

Requirements for opening a Netherlands limited liability company are as follow:

The Dutch BV may have one or more founders, also one or more of the shareholders can be a legal entity. If the shareholder is a physical person, this person can also be the director of the company.

A limited liability company has no minimum shares, it’s possible to have 100 equal shares of 0,01 euro since Oktober 2012. Before this date, the minimum requirement amount of setting up a limited liability company, concerned 18.000 euro. Our government support this legal forms in many ways.

Limited liability company Netherlands covers almost 60% of the total company structures in the Netherlands. The most entrepreneurs choose for this legal form due to the not privately responsible reason for business risks.

Also, there are other tax regulations applicable for limited liability company Netherlands in contrast with a one-man business company.
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