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Incorporate dutch BV

Dutch bv incorporate

We from Setup your Dutch Company can help you all with all the steps to incorporate a Dutch B.V.

Please see below the steps you need to take:

  1. You contact us and we provide the quotes. We have package deals for you if you want to have (besides the Dutch BV incorporate) a Dutch company bank account, Dutch VAT number, secretary services and accountancy services. All these services we can provide
  2. After the agreement we send you a checklist of only 2 pages
  3. After you filled the checklist you can send it to us by e-mail together with the documents below
  4. You send us scans of the passports of the shareholders and directors
  5. You send us scans of the residential addresses of the shareholders and director
  6. After we received this we send you a power of attorney so we can setup the company on behalf of you
  7. You sign this legalized document to us
  8. This way we can incorporate the Dutch company on distance, so you don’t have to visit the Netherland

It’s also possible to have a company as a shareholder, please send us the request to ask the process of this incorporate a Dutch BV with a foreign company shareholder

This easy process through our company to have a Dutch BV incorporate can take only five working days, if you provide us the documents on short terms off course.

You can always ask us any questions you like, so we can advise you best. So don’t hesitate regarding your questions about the Dutch BV incorporate.

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